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Learn & Live gives you the solution to learn Spanish in just one month, while you live in Mexico City. This is the one of the most beautiful countries and has a great culture and richnes nature.


Who are we?

Learn & Live is a school where you can learn Spanish in one of the most exciting cities in the world, Mexico City. This language program school allows you to learn Spanish in just a month while also experiencing the best of Mexico’s places, flavors, and culture.

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Your day to day will be your books. Learn Spanish while having fun in the exhilarating city that is Mexico City. Learning a new language is a task that requires effort and time, and Spanish is not an exception. Practicing Spanish is even harder when you don’t have the tools and necessary support. Learn and live is program that allows you to learn Spanish with an innovating and unique method of teaching that is revolved around your daily routine. Our method of teaching is connected with your day to day tasks making.


Get to know Mexico City and take advantage of your needs as a professional, student or entrepreneur. Learn and live has an additional program called Cultural Immersion Program which allows students to learn about the culture and history. Additionally, our classes are taught in several areas of Mexico City, in order to be able to experience the diverse cultural heritage while also learning the language.


Visiting a new country and city with a foreign language can be exciting, but quite intimidating. For that reason, our hosts are Friendly local Mexicans who will be able to positively enhance your experience in Mexico. We offer lodging and accommodations, group activities in the afternoon, and activities on the weekends. Learn and Live will accommodate and will provide all the necessary material in order for you to adapt in Mexico City. Furthermore, you will be part of a language exchange group with people sharing your same goals.

Our Methodology

Learn & Live is the only private school that has its own one -of - a -kind material to learn Spanish. Our method of teaching is catered to the student and their daily routine. It is personalized and adapted to the day to day of each person. We adapt to the student ́s environment depending on their responsibilities and duties. Additionally, in our Cultural Immersion Program each student is exposed to real life situations in which the student will be able to apply what they have learned.


We understand that you visit a new country can be one of the most exciting experiences, but at the same time it generates many doubts. We take care of your stay and we provide everything you need to live, learn and adapt to Mexico in a month. For that reason, we offer you the option of lodging, activities in the afternoons and trips on weekends.

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Learn & Live has fully qualified teachers capable of adapting to any student profile whether it be professionals, young adults or seniors. The program is designed to help reach the objectives of learning Spanish in an easy and fun way


Our hosts open the doors to their home in order for you to immerse fully in the Mexican Culture. They will be there to facilitate and help you adapt in your new environment .


Our cultural assistants are ready to guide you and help you explore Mexico City from the most popular tourist spots to insider spots that locals frequent. Our priority at Live & Learn and our Immersion Cultural program is to make sure you are having fun in a safe environment. The assistants will also help you practice the language and teach local slang while meeting new people and having fun .

Learn and live Spanish in Mexico City as nobody does.


Levels of Spanish

The levels of the courses of Spanish follow the Common Framework of European Reference and the Curricular Plan of the Cervantes Institute.



Is capable of understanding basic expressions of frequent use, such as simple sentences meant to satisfy immediate needs. It can present itself and onto others, such as asking for personal basic information, belongings and people who you know. The person can connect to others in a basic way if the other speaker talks slowly and clearly and is willing to cooperate.


Is capable of understanding phrases and expressions of frequent use related to areas of experience that are relevant to the student (basic information of oneself, family, shopping, interests, occupations, etc.). Can communicate the moment of performing simple tasks that require direct information about known subjects. The student also is able to speak about simple aspects about their pasts and environment expressing their immediate needs.


Student is capable of understanding text in standard language about topics that are known, such as work, study and leisure. The student is able to communicate in business trips where the language is spoken. The student is also able to develop simple coherent texts about topics that are familiar or topics that are of interest. The student can describe experiences, events, desires and aspirations as well as justifying their opinions or plans.

Intermediate advace

Understands principle ideas of complex texts that are abstract or concrete in subject including technical characters that are within the same matter. Can relate to native speakers with sufficient degree of fluidity in a way that the communication is effortless from both parties. Can produce clear and detailed texts about diverse topics and defend an opinion about general topics indicating pros and cons of the arguments.


Is capable of interpreting an ample amount of extensive texts with demanding levels of perception, while understanding its subtext. Can express opinion in a fluid and spontaneous way without showing evidence of efforts to find the proper expression. Can make flexible and effective use of the language for social, academic, professional purposes. The student is also able to compose clear texts, with detailed structure about topics of certain difficulty displaying correct use of structure of the language.


The native speaker can understand everything that is heard or read. Can reconstruct information and arguments proceeding from diverse sources, whether it be spoken or written. Additionally, the native speaker can express it in a coherent and summarized form. Can express arguments spontaneously with great fluidity and with a high degree of precision that allows the speaker to form small matrixes of definition including harder topics of major complexity.



"Learn and Live is a great resource to learn Spanish while staying in Mexico City. Absolutely love it! Esmeralda is a great teacher, very friendly and helpful"


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"I enjoyed all the course and to know friends from other countries. My spanish is great and i loved Mexico. Thanks to all the people of Learn and Live for everything"




Learn & Live gives you the option to join any course the day you decide.


Learn Spanish starting from $20/hour




Join to our open Whatsapp Group with all our Meixco friends and students!!!

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