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Make learning Spanish an experience in just one month

Learn & Live gives you the solution to learn Spanish in just one month, while you live in Mexico City. This is the one of the most beautiful countries and has a great culture and richnes nature.

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Spanish Classes

Your day to day will be your books. Learn Spanish while having fun in the exhilarating city that is Mexico City. Learning a new language is a task that requires effort and time, and Spanish is not an exception. Practicing Spanish is even harder when you don’t have the tools and necessary support. Learn and live is program that allows you to learn Spanish with an innovating and unique method of teaching that is revolved around your daily routine. Our method of teaching is connected with your day to day tasks making.

Get to know Mexico

Get to know Mexico City and take advantage of your needs as a professional, student or entrepreneur. Learn and live has an additional program called Cultural Immersion Program which allows students to learn about the culture and history. Additionally, our classes are taught in several areas of Mexico City, in order to be able to experience the diverse cultural heritage while also learning the language.

Community Support

Visiting a new country and city with a foreign language can be exciting, but quite intimidating. For that reason, our hosts are Friendly local Mexicans who will be able to positively enhance your experience in Mexico. We offer lodging and accommodations, group activities in the afternoon, and activities on the weekends. Learn and Live will accommodate and will provide all the necessary material in order for you to adapt in Mexico City. Furthermore, you will be part of a language exchange group with people sharing your same goals.

The World as a


We understand that you visit a new country can be one of the most exciting experiences, but at the same time it generates many doubts. We take care of your stay and we provide everything you need to live, learn and adapt to Mexico in a month. For that reason, we offer you the option of lodging, activities in the afternoons and trips on weekends.


With the help of specialized teachers, Learn & Live gives you the best way of acquisition of the language and familiarizes you with the Mexican culture in a single month

Learn & Live gives you the option to join any course the day you decide.

Learn as an


Learn & Live is the best bet you can do to learn Spanish, because we have an innovative teaching methodology that has been tested in hundreds of students. Our method is based on learning Spanish with your daily routine, it means everything you can do, see and live in your environment.


Liubov GT

"Learn and Live is a great resource to learn Spanish while staying in Mexico City. Absolutely love it! Esmeralda is a great teacher, very friendly and helpful."

Max Ford

"I have a better experience of my internship in Mexico through 6 months with learn and live. I totally recomend it."

Lita Kun

"I enjoyed all the course and to know friends from other countries. My spanish is great and i loved Mexico. Thanks to all the people of Learn and Live for everything."


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